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Getting Cash For Your Used Car

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Used Car Buyer

If you live in Arizona and you’re looking to sell your used car, you have a few options. You could call around to various dealerships, haggle over pricing with multiple sales people and then finally select the best price after stressing out, worried that you won’t get the best price for your car.

Then, you’ll have to drive the car over to the dealership, which might be located way on the other side of town. That costs you money in gas and the time spent driving over there and back. Plus, you’ve got to find a ride to the dealership, because after all, you can’t take the car home. After all that, you might not even get cash for your used car.

A regular dealership might then try and convince you into buying one of the vehicles on the lot, wasting hours of your time when all you wanted to do was get cash for cars.

A second option involves posting an ad for your car on an online or print classified ad. This option usually results in your phone ringing non-stop, leaving you to field calls all night from buyers who might not even have the cash to buy your car. Many buyers who call might not be able to afford your car, and try to get you to sell for a rock-bottom price that you know your car is worth more than.

Once a buyer does show up on your doorstep, you have to be sure the funds are legitimate. A buyer might try and pass off a bad check, counterfeit bills or try to short you funds.

After all is said and done, you’ve gotten a low price for your car and wasted time answering phone calls and haggling with potentially dozens of people.

Then, there’s a third option, which involves calling a used car buyer who specializes in paying cash for cars just like yours. All you have to do is submit an easy online quote with basic information about your vehicle.

In 24 hours, a friendly and knowledgeable used auto dealer will get back to you with a competitive bid for your car. Used car buyers have well-developed networks of auto dealers that they’ve spend years cultivating. This network gets used to your advantage, with the auto dealers shopping your car around for you. This results in the best price possible for your vehicle, all without the stress and worry of haggling.

If you approve the quote, just let the used car buyer know. Then 48 hours later, the auto dealers will come and tow your car away, giving you cash for cars on the spot.

No dropping your car off, finding a ride or giving your phone number to strangers.

If you’re looking for cash for cars, call an Arizona used auto dealer for the best deal on your car. The application process is simple, and can be done online or by phone. The used car buyer won’t ask to see the car in person, making an easier process even simpler.